Face To Face

New ruling from Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, effective April 2011, to provide closer oversight by physicians managing care.


  • Patient must have a face to face with a PECOS (Medicare enrolled physician) 90 prior or 30 after the home care start of care date
  • Encounter must be in part for the reason that home care was ordered.
  • Form must include
  • Date of encounter
  • Reason for encounter
  • Brief statement of what is ordered
  • Clinical statement to support home care order
  • Reason for home bound function
  • Signer must be a physician
  • The document can be completed by the physician after review of documentation and completed based upon review

This visit must be related to the need for home care services and may be carried out by a non physician practitioner that is supervised by a physician. However only the physician can order home care.

The face to face includes the diagnosis for that is the primary reason for home care, the services needed and why – Nursing for wound care, urinary catheterization, injections… Physical therapy for gait training, range of motion, therapeutic exercises.