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Melisa Schuster, LMSW Program Coordinator

Staff Bios

Leslie Darby: Home Visiting Registered Nurse

I love partnering with our patients to help them have healthy pregnancies, and supporting new mothers. Each mother and baby has their own unique story, culture, health history and strengths, and I love learning how to adapt and share important pregnancy and infant health information according to each patient’s needs and goals. I do my best to treat each mother and baby with respect, compassion and kindness!

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Tia Braxton: Home Visiting Social Worker

I am passionate about serving moms and babies because I believe every pregnant woman and infant has the right to have a healthy pregnancy outcome, and to have adequate infant health no matter the socioeconomic status, education level, or race. It’s also a wonderful experience to witness an infant grow through the first year of life!

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Jillian Ondreyka: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

I enjoy getting to know each mom and baby. I value forming a partnership to achieve nutrition goals and to build the foundation of healthy eating habits for life for the entire family. I like working with moms and babies because I can promote healthy eating in two generations, which makes a lasting positive health impact. Good nutrition is essential to a healthy, happy life!

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Renee Ervin: Intake Social Worker

I enjoy working with MIHP because this program works together as a team to better serve our patients. It’s an added benefit being a part of Michigan Medicine, because we are able to communicate and or advocate on the behalf of our patients with other internal providers.

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Yvette Steih: Home Visiting Registered Nurse

I feel passionate about investing in our mothers to help them be successful parents raising happy children. I like the personalized care home visiting offers a mother and child, and I love forming bonds with patients during this exciting time of their lives! Educating and supporting mothers is truly what I love to do.

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Emily Gutmann: Home Visiting Social Worker

I like working for MIHP because we get to develop a more meaningful and ongoing relationship with women during pregnancy and continue this after the baby is born. I feel passionate about working with pregnant women and new moms because becoming a parent and parenting are one of the biggest changes in our lives. I love being able to support families as they navigate through this process.

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