Pediatric Services

Michigan Visiting Nurses is a certified home health care provider of skilled pediatric nursing and rehabilitation services.

Together, our nurses and therapists work with the patient’s physicians to provide comprehensive and individualized care. Depending on the child’s needs, services offered include wound management, infusion care, medication reconciliation and education, general nursing and rehab care, and an asthma program.

Asthma Program

Michigan Visiting Nurses’ Asthma Program assists patient and families in managing asthma by providing education and assessments in the home, where the patient spends most of their time. While in the home the nurse will continue the asthma education that was started in the clinic or hospital, assist families with understanding their asthma action plan and medications, and assess the environment for triggers.

Our Registered Asthma Nurse is certified in asthma education.

Care coordination is key to the success of asthma care. Our home care team works closely with the hospital and clinics in several ways: both teams use the same educational material and tool kits, all home visits are documented in the University of Michigan Health System’s electronic medical record and our Asthma Nurse meets regularly with the hospital and clinic.

All our nursing staff have previous hospital pediatric experience and work closely with the hospital discharging team to create a smooth transition to home.