Perinatal Home Nursing Program

Michigan Visiting Nurses’ highly qualified OB nurses specialize in mother and newborn care. The Perinatal Home Nursing program offers:

  • Postpartum Home Visits
New mothers and infants

After being discharged from the hospital, most new mothers and their babies will receive a visit at home from a visiting nurse. Usually, new mothers and babies are discharged 24 hours after a vaginal delivery and 48 hours after a cesarean delivery.

Schedule of Home Care

The first step will be a phone call.
The day after being discharged from the Women's Birth Center at University of Michigan Hospital, the new mother will receive a phone call from Michigan Visiting Nurses to arrange a visit.

Once the visit is arranged, the nurse will:

  • Check the health status of both mother and baby
  • Teach mother and other family members about caring for a new baby (feeding, sleeping, normal development, signs of illness, etc.)
  • Answer questions regarding care for a new mother and baby
  • Provide information about when to contact the health care provider
  • For cesarean section mothers, remove the staples from the incision and replace with little band-aids, called steri-strips

Michigan Visiting Nurses is pleased to provide home health services to new mothers and babies. If you have questions or concerns about the Home Care Program for New Mothers and Babies, please call (734) 677-1515 or toll free (800) 842-5504.

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