Rehabilitation Services

The goal of Rehabilitation Services is to help patients return to an active life as quickly as possible by working to increase strength, self-care and communication abilities. Our Rehab Department works in conjunction with nursing to coordinate care with the patient, family and physicians.

Our Physical Therapists work with patients to increase flexibility and range of motion, increase endurance and function, strength building. Their services include evaluating physical abilities, assess pain, complete a falls risk assessment, and recommend equipment and treatment based on results of evaluation.

Our Occupational Therapists provide the patient with skills for the job of living, those skills necessary to function in the community or the patient’s chosen environment. Occupational Therapists specialize in improving peoples’ function in key areas of their lives such as self-care, home management, pet care, recreational activities and community skills.

Speech and Language Pathologists assess, treat and help prevent disorders related to speech, language, voice, swallowing and communication. Their intervention and treatment plan is based on a comprehensive assessment.

Our Medical Social Workers assist patients and families to identify and obtain community and financial resources available and to provide patient and care giver support. Their services include assessing coping skills, social support, assist in completing applications such as insurance or nursing home placement.