Case Manager Liaison

Wheelchair Seating Service has established a position to fully support case managers in all aspects of the delivery of equipment to their clients. This provides consistent contact for the case manager which facilitates open dialogue and expedites the process for their clients. This position supports the client and the case manager through the entire process of equipment recommendation, including provision of quotes, other necessary paperwork (i.e. LMNs, physician notes, scripts, etc), coordination of services including repair, or to provide a listening ear.

Upon request, the case manager liaison can set up an account with a specified case manager to request information for a client (i.e. quote immediately with a LMN to follow or quote only with follow up in one week, etc). This provides a more efficient process for both WSS and the case manager with the goal of decreasing the time to obtain equipment.

The case manager liaison works closely with our marketing team to provide education to case managers, tour our facilities or meet with the PM&R Collaborative Wheelchair Clinic. The clinic is directed by a U-M PM&R physician, a U-M physical therapist, and a WSS rehabilitation technology supplier (RTS).