To schedule a new evaluation or repair at Wheelchair Seating Service, please contact us at:

2850 South Industrial Hwy, Suite 200
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
fax: 734-971-8922

A prescription from a physician is required to initiate a new evaluation or a repair for all orders that are submitted to third-party payers. A physician may fax this prescription directly to WSS and, upon receipt of the prescription, WSS will contact the client to schedule an appointment with both a Rehab Technology Supplier (RTS) and a Physical Therapist.

A “direct order” may be sent by a recommending physical therapist or an occupational therapist. This “direct order” must include the items requested, the part numbers, and the associated letter of medical necessity. If a “direct order” is received by WSS, then a new evaluation is required and the items can be processed to submit to the appropriate third-party payer.

Medicare does require a face-to-face evaluation with a physician for all powered mobility, including scooters and power wheelchairs. This may be completed before or after the evaluation at Wheelchair Seating Service. The face-to-face evaluation must specifically be to discuss the client’s mobility needs and limitations. The physician MUST document in progress notes that the client’s mobility needs were discussed at the time of this evaluation as well a,s document the client’s mobility limitations, which now necessitates the need for powered mobility. The physician progress notes from this visit MUST be received by Wheelchair Seating Service within 45 days of the visit. Otherwise a new face-to-face visit is required.

If a client, who now has Medicare, is requesting a repair evaluation on a power mobility device that was purchased prior to having Medicare, then a face-to-face evaluation and an evaluation with a pysical or occupational therapist is required to document medical necessity of the equipment being repaired.